Beach Run: 2 day light off-road HCM to La Gi beach

This route can be adapted to any motorbike but for maximum enjoyment we recommend the Honda XR 150 or Honda CRF 250cc. ADV motorbikes will be treated as road motorbikes and there will be little opportunity to go offroad into plantations.

At the same time it became darker and darker. Contrary to my expectations there was no rain. In the evening I steered the BMW dry-footed to a campsite near Ramsau. They say hope dies last, so I curled up in my sleeping bag in anticipation of a sunny morning. Only a few hours later, I was woken up by a downpour hammering the tent.

A region in the northeast of this country.

The loop, the way I plotted it is ridden in a counterclockwise direction. A large portion of the early riding is in a NE direction so you won’t be riding into the sun but have it on your back and as the sun lowers it will be lighting up the red rocks for some spectacular views.

If you’re planning on riding to the Alps and starting your trip in the west of Germany, be well-prepared.

An absolutely perfect weekend getaway. Just two days, but the journey will feel like an entire holiday. A chance to get out to the peace and quiet of Vietnam’s coastline. The route itself is quiet in itself, with very little interruptions from people.

It's time to get the motorbike out of the shed

  • Mixture of rubber plantations and sand
  • Start the day in the city and finish on the beautiful coastline
  • An entire route of ADV riding without getting stuck in traffic

Head up the paved road some 27km from Chinle to where it ends, make the left turn, and follow this paved road to the end and find a place to park. Now it’s time to walk a few hundred meters around a corner and if possible be there an hour or two before sunset for the most spectacular light. 

This tour takes you from the bustling city of Saigon to the Beach in Lagi. Open rubber plantation trails to begin that start to turn into sand tracks as we near the coast. On day two it is possible to drive along the beach for many KM before departing back to Saigon.

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